Lisbon Moto Tours  

About us

We are passionate about travel by motorbike. We offer a complete and high quality service to those who share our passion on tours which take in the beauty of nature, historical locations, typical towns and villages and other points of interest in Portugal.


José Lourenço

With over 30 years of experience riding motorcycles, this is his vehicle of choise for everyday use. He toured Portugal from one end to the other, gaining knowledge of the various regions, the most amusing roads and the most beautiful landscapes.
He has a huge experience in organizing tours, as well as a guide. Likes adventures, meeting new people, and is a good communicator. The pleasure he has riding a motorcycles, is completed with the pleasure of showing Portugal to it´s visitors.


Fernando Aleixo

Born in Lisbon, experienced guide with deep knowledge of Portugal, has on each arrival the beginning of a new journey.

Loves to discover new paths, colors and flavors. From Europe, Africa and Americas .

Rides on two or four wheels, with eyes on the horizon. Follows the motto “ Who doesn´t loses himself, doesn´t find new routes”.