Lisbon Moto Tours  


1.1These General Terms set out the terms and conditions governing the provision of services by Lisbon Moto Tours;
1.2The services are offered to the client under the terms and conditions expressed herein;
1.3When contracting the service of Lisbon Moto Tours the customer acknowledges his understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions established here.
2.1On registration the customer will provide all the information required by Lisbon Moto Tours
2.2Reservations shall be made a soon as possible at the date of the Tour for which the customer wishes to register. The reservation will become effective on payment of 50% of the price of the Tour, after our confirmation of availability on the intended tour.
2.3The daily tours, could be reserved, with only 48 hours in advance.
2.4The others tours should be reserved with more than 60 days in advance at the date of the Tour for which the customer wishes to register, the reservation will become effective on payment of 50% of the price of the Tour, the others 50% have to be paid until 30 days at the tour start date.
2.5The amounts already paid, will not be reimbursed to customer in the event that the services are not used or for any other reason not attributable to Lisbon Moto Tours. The amounts already paid shall be refunded if a customer cancels a reservation in writing to Lisbon Moto Tours, up to 60 days before the date of the Tour.
2.6Lisbon Moto Tours reserve the right to cancel any reservation where payments due are not made in accordance with the terms above.
Up to 60 days before the date of the Tour a customer may cancel a reservation in writing to Lisbon Moto Tours, whereupon the amounts already paid will be refunded to the customer.
4.Complaints Procedure
4.1Complaints must be presented in writing in within a period no longer than 20 days from the date of the Tour.
4.2Complaints relating to the services of restaurants, local agents and other suppliers may be accepted, provided that the complaint was made to the suppliers during participation on the Tour and on presentation of the original supporting documentation.
4.3Complaints made outside the period mentioned in 4.1 above and without the required documentation excludes Lisbon Moto Tours from liability.
5.Changes to Terms and Cancellation of Tours
5.1Lisbon Moto Tours, when there are justifiable circumstances to do so, may change the terms of the Tours and substitute them with other similar terms.
5.2In the event that unforeseen circumstances force Lisbon Moto Tours to cancel a Tour, the customer shall be reimbursed in full for the amounts already paid.
5.3Lisbon Moto Tours reserves the right to cancel a tour if the number of participants is less than the minimum required. In this event Lisbon Moto Tours shall not be held liable for the cancellation provided that the customer is informed in writing at least 30 days in advance. Any and all amounts already paid by the client shall be refunded in full.
The customer must carry all valid documentation as required: identity card/citizen's card, Passport, entry visa to Portugal, driving licence, credit card and any other possible requirement. Lisbon Moto Tours declines all liability for the refusal to grant a visa or entry permit to the customer in Portugal. In these circumstances the customer must communicate non-participation on the Tour at least 60 days in advance and the amounts already paid shall be refunded. Less than 60 days’ notice will not entitle the customer to a refund.
7.Limitation of Liability
Lisbon Moto Tours is not responsible for the safety of customers who participate in the tours, either individually or as a group, during the delivery of the services contracted and shall not be liable, in any form, for any incident involving customers during the tour which may result in damage, injury or death to customers and/or third parties.
8.Payment Method
Payment by the customer to Lisbon Moto Tours shall be made by Bank transfer to the IBAN account number (IBAN) indicated or cash.
9.Others information
9.1The Tours begin and end in Lisbon, in a place to be indicated in advance depending on the tour to be performed.
9.2We recommend the use of clothing and footwear appropriate to riding a motorcycle.
9.3The meals will be at a location to be advised by the Tour Guide.
Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted during the Tour.
9.4Each participant must hold a driving licence (category A), for more than 3 years, be over 26 years old or 28 years if ride the model BMW R 1200 GS, provided by Lisbon Moto Tours .
9.5On the day of the tour participants must present a valid credit card just to guarantee the minimum motorcycle insurance excess.
Minimum Insurance Excess:

   BMW R 1200 GS : € 2.000
9.6Each rider is solely responsible for the use of the motorbike and is financially responsible for the minimum insurance excess in the event of an accident or damage. If these result from a breach of contractual conditions, theft of the bike or parts of it, the responsibility of the rider extends to the value of the maximum deductible:
9.7Motorcycle damage insurance damage, includes; civil liability up to 50 million euros and protection for collision damage, theft and 24 road assistance.
Personal accident insurance for each participant as follows:
Death or permanent disability:20.000 €
Treatment and Repatriation costs:3.500 €